How do home security apps work?

How to keep your front door more secure?

It is high time you consider a smart lock for your precious front door. A house security app will play the card for you. You may even install a video doorbell to ensure your family’s security.  Modern devices give ample visibility and control so you can shield your front door against intruders. The main access-point of your home must feel protected for safety reasons.  With safety measures, they become convenient and get integrated into smart house solutions. Make your front door smarter on the block. This will ensure security of the entire house.  We, at The360, have come up with an innovative solution. With us, you never lose touch with your loved ones. Our sole mission is the protection of your house. 

Most promising features to keep your front door protected:

Video doorbell:

The Wi-Fi enabled doorbell camera has both ears and eyes. It gives you full access to the main entrance of your home, even when you’re away. It’s partly a doorbell and partly a security camera.  Whenever anyone rings your bell, you can check their faces on the app. Moreover, you can communicate with visitors through the doorbell speaker. This may take place even if you are home away. It is solely your choice whether or not you let visitors inside.  The doorbell is also a security camera that records video clips of activities at the front door. In this manner, you do not miss suspicious activities.  Smart lock: This is the age of smart locks, to say the least. Don’t hide a door key under the mattress only to let intruders find that out. A digital keypad totally eliminates the need for keys whatsoever.  You can create a pin code exclusively for your family members. Only people you trust will have access to the main door of your home.  Some other features Smart lighting: Smart lighting will protect your main door after it gets very dark. In this way, intruders get themselves well-illuminated. What happens is, the sensors recognize the motion and push notifications are sent to your mobile screen. This protects you against theft and vandalism.  Location-based home trigger: Whether you are on the couch or at office, you can always control your main door. It is your palm that controls most activities. You can make a location-based trigger that checks the list of unknown visitors. The phone, in this case converts into a location-based trigger.  An end note We, at The360, make every possible endeavor to keep your front door guarded. Our house security app is a modern way to keep your front door guarded. To know more about us, visit our web portal. 

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